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My name is Lily. [entries|friends|calendar]

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captured: 03/07/11 @ 5:54pm

Locked. [
[ mood | . ]

Go Dig Your Nose.

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captured: 11/02/08 @ 12:42am

I am posting bcoz I want to tell th world tht I LOVE MINHO JR.

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captured: 06/07/08 @ 12:47am

I wanna. [
[ mood | Woof. ]

I want to marry a Architect.
A korean one.
I wanna move to New York. And live by th sea.
Knowing that everyday when I wake up, I can smell th delightful salty sea.
I wanna live a simple life with th one that I love.
Its okay if I dont have friends.Its okay.
I wanna fight for peace.
I wanna paint my nails in th colour seablue.
I want a rock as a pet.
I wanna travel th world.
I wanna know what its like to have a snowflake in your mouth.
I wanna be pretty.
I wanna be fair.
I wanna have a slender skinny body.
I wanna have skinnnny legs.
I wanna live a life of a princess.
I wanna wake up with flowers in my face.
Sunflowers please.
I wanna hurry grow up but at th same time, be young whenever I want to.
I wanna I wanna I wanna I wanna I wannna.

I wanna sleep and not to ever wake up again.

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captured: 11/05/07 @ 12:46pm

[ mood | crazy ]

 I got into physics and I dun even lyk physics. What the hell is wrong wif th techers man. Cant they see I hate physics to th ultimateee core. Their eyes must be blind or sumthing. How wonderful. And no one fr my class got into 3/9. I dun rlly noe anybody. Lyk I'm not rlly closed to anybody and I'm gonna die die rot in class I tell you. My classmates are okay. Except for                  . And tat, I cannot stand and tahan. I feel lyk banging my head against th wall. This is so stupid stupid stupid. I gonna appeal and hopefully, th blind teachers can see tat I suck in phyisics and transfer me back into bio. Hopefully. And if anyone look down on 3/9, you better go wash yr eyes okayy. So wat if I'm in Normal and in 3/9. Its still a class aft all. This suck This suck This suck Oh so muchh. Irritating.

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